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David has written stories since high school when he began in Mr. Conway’s English III class. After a promising beginning at the U. of California at Davis in creative writing classes by Diane Murray, a long hiatus followed until the 1990's.

Since that time, David has created over 100 short stories and 20 short plays. 

David Holcombe has two collections of short stories, "Like Honored and Trusted Colleagues" and "Cappaccino at Podgorica," both of which are available at or or

He has published in the Nicholls University Press, the Chapbook of the Deep South Writers Conference at Louisiana State University at Lafayette, Teacakes and Afternoon Tales (New Stories from Mississippi), and First Light (anthology of the Writers Guild of Central Louisiana.)

He contributes monthly to since 2003. 
He can be reached for comment at

Like Honored and Trusted Colleagues

second book



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