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Act of kindness (Czech theme) House on the hill Pilgrimage to Parnassus

Angel of Reconciliation

How to Make a Pysanka Pillage of Mrs. Bechaut
Animal Physiology 101 Hungarian Fantasy Pipe Dreams
Annunciation Imprudent Prudence Mrs. Poileux’s Hand (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 10/03)
Avian flu, watcha gonna do ? Incident at Mt. Zion Hospital Prodaná Nevesta (The Bartered Bride) (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 7/03)
Battle of the Boucherie des Marchands Internet Prophet in Faraway Lands (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 11/03) Pulling the Plug (First Light, 2003. Publication of the Central LA Writers Guild) (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 8/03)
Beating the Schnooks Just one Pulitzer Prize Quilts
Bechaut's sanity hearing Just starved to death Rasoir's botched intubation
Blacker Than Blueberries Kingdom of Heaven

Reciprocity always honored

Botox disaster Last Rites Red and blue (Czech theme)
Catahoula Comfort Leander’s Land Samanthas swan song
Celestial Vision Liberation Wall at Habaye Second burning of Alexandria
Chalice of Mercy Like Honored and Trusted Colleagues See Jesus and Crawford
Croquemort and White Lives Seeing Yosemite
Crystalline Voyage (2 versions, long & short) Margaret’s Lyme Protest (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 1/04) Simplify, Simplify (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 6/03) (2 versions, English and Bulgarian)
Dark Skies Over Natchitoches Maria and Mr Pourri Smile and the world smiles with you
Dumonts dnr Marketa and the Pysankia (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 3/04) Snow in Hell
Easter Requiem Mea Culpa, Mr. Oberweiss Three Dicks
Ensemble Nous Avons Vécu (French title, English text) (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 4/03)

Medical dialog one: Mrs. B's new heart

Three letters to the editor
European Introduction

Medical dialog two: give me back my licence, son of satan

Thumbs Down
Fill of Justice

Medical dialog three: controlled substances

Thy crimson bed of joy
First Person Singular Niki Constantinos's medical education Trip to Libuse, Louisiana
Franz Joseph’s Watch (Louisiana English Journal Vol. 5 (1) p 63-68, 1998) Nicholls State (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 5/03) Czech theme O'Neil and the Belleterre House Twenty Pounds to Go
Frida’s Gift (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 2/03)
Opening Villamarette's death
Generational Wealth
Oscar and the Fenix (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 2/04) Why Go All the Way to Fulton, Louisiana
God’s Child Paradise, Louisiana You Don’t Cry When You’re Really Sad
Hanake's aloha Patricia’s New Home (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 3/03)  
Homing Pigeons (Zoetrope Virtual Studio 12/03) (2 versions) Pear Orchard