The Holcombes ( David, Nicole, Renaud, Tanguy, Joffroi and Thibault ) have lived in Alexandria, Louisiana since 1986.

David Holcombe, born in San Francisco, California in 1949, received his BSA from UCDavis, his MSA from the U. of Florida at Gainesville, and his MD from the Catholic U. of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium.

Nicole, his wife, was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium where she and David met while he attended medical school. Their common love of folk dancing drew them together. David continues his passion for painting (see "Artwork") and writing (see "Writings") while Nicole has mastered the art of pysanki (Ukrainian Easter eggs) making (see "Pysanki"). They both actively participate in the Louisiana Czech Heritage Dancers (see "Folklore")

Their four boys, Renaud, Tanguy, Joffroi and Thibault followed their marriage in 1981 at yearly intervals.

Renaud finished Computer Science at Loyola U. In New Orleans and now works as a computer programmer in a financial group.

Tanguy is still doing his four year stint in the Air Force, currently at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City...

Joffroi, an avid runner( is attending college at the University of Missouri at Rolla where he studies computer engineering.

Thibault, also an accomplished runner, continues at the local public high school.

Our busy lives are punctuated by many events (see "Events") including traveling, entertaining local and international guests, and participating in festivals and cultural activities. We hope you enjoy this site, constructed with the fantastic technical assistance of our good friend and my former classmate, Dr. Chantal Maton (







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